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GY402GB 140W-180W

Scope of application:
Hazardous area of explosive gas atmosphere: Area1, Area 2.
Explosive gas atmosphere: II A, II B and II C.
Temperature groups: T1~T5.

It could be applied in petroleum, chemical flammable environment for safety lighting.

Reasonable structural design greatly expands expand heat radiating area and reduces temperature climbing, as well as prolongs span of light source.
Speciffically designed light distribution system is equipped for uniform illumination.

Product description
Product parameters

1.  Applicable Area

Explosive gas atmospheres: zone 1 zone 2

Explosive gas atmospheres:group II AII BII C

T Class:T1~T5



2. Environmental  Conditions

Ambient temperature:40℃50℃,atmospheric pressure:0.81.1×105Pa

Monthly average relative humidity shall not exceed 95% at the temperature of 25℃

In the environment without gas or vapor which could damage the insulation.


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